How Pilates can help with gut health

Did you know that apart from a great workout, Pilates can help with gut health because many of the moves and poses focus on your mid section?

I know you probably didn’t expect a Colonic Hydrotherapist to write about this, but as a former Pilates instructor working in this field, I can see a lot of beneficial activity happening in the gut region that is great for your wellbeing from the inside!

So let’s look at our colon and digestive system health now, through the lens of Pilates.

Understanding why Pilates can help with gut health

To understand why pilates can help with gut health, we need to look at the core muscles activated during sessions.

As a fully qualified Pilates instructor, I’ve learnt and experienced first hand how Pilates puts emphasis on the T Zone – the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

It also incorporates core activation and particular breathing patterns which then stimulate the digestive system whilst strengthening and lengthening the core.

Furthermore, it exercises and enhances digestion by encouraging peristalsis (a sequence of muscles that contract to push food through the digestive system).

The movements, especially the twisting motions within Pilates, relax the Psoas muscle which runs from the upper thigh, stomach into the lumbar spine crossing obliquely over both the ascending and descending bowel.

Chronic tightening of the Psoas muscle can impart significant pressure on the bowel leading to restriction and obstruction.

However, through Pilates, the twisting and criss cross movements relaxes these muscles but also has a massage effect on the digestive tract and internal organs which alleviates digestive problems such constipation, bloating, excessive stale gas all while clearing toxic substances from the body.

Pilates also helps release intestinal toxins by stretching the digestive organs within the abdominal region coupled together with relaxation breathing assisting to prevent further gastrointestinal issues.

Final thoughts

Not only is Pilates a fantastic, low impact workout that works every muscle of your body it also effectively enhances digestive function.

It is critical to nurture and take care of your digestion because it influences the supply of energy and replenishes the cells within the body.

So, whether you’re gassy, bloated or constipated or just want to increase your health, grab a mat or get on a reformer and start working!

I hope this has encouraged you to enjoy your next pilates session. As a note to myself, I might need to add Pilates to this list of how to my article, How To Prepare For A Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment – Start Being Healthy Right Now!

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