Detox Colonics is a modern, boutique style clinic that provides you with better gut health; your foundation for improved wellness, energy, mental clarity, health, hydration, and anti-ageing.

Welcome to Detox Colonics

I love my job working as a Colonic Hygienist. That's right, I love it. And I'm looking forward to helping you improve your health in a fundamental and profound way through colon cleansing. It is my calling and my passion. - Sophie Roullier

Give your gut a fresh start for better health

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, minimally invasive, holistic and efficient way to naturally cleanse and free the colon of accumulated toxins, impacted faecal matter, pathogens, mucous and even parasites. Unlike an enema, colonic hydrotherapy reaches the whole length of your large intestine so is extremely effective at thoroughly cleansing and detoxifying the bowel.

Why Choose Colonic Hydrotherapy

Your colon is a place that most of us don’t give much thought. It is like our own sewer system in which waste can collect and gather for a long period of time and pathogens can thrive. Colonic Hydrotherapy gives your colon a deep cleanse, yielding many benefits, like these.

Alleviates gastro-intestinal issues

Improves nutrient absorption

Promotes anti-ageing

Boosts the immune system

Liver Detox

Increase Energy

Improve Digestion

Assist With Weight Loss


My blogs that focus on my three passions… colonic hydrotherapy, gut health, exercise & anti ageing. 

"Words don’t even begin to describe the difference"

I have been seeing Sophie at Detox Colonics for a number of months now for regular colonics and after years of struggling with undiagnosed bowel and digestive issues I have finally found a solution that works for me coupled with some extremely helpful advice given during treatment. 

Get it out of your head that colonics are an awkward or painful experience. That is just not the case. Sophie is simply the best at what they do. Ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience from start to finish that will leave you feeling healthier than when you came in. 

I seriously can’t recommend it highly enough! My only regret is not having known about this sooner! – Brett